• You may find it useful to consider including information about...

    • The challenge that is being addressed;
    • How your approach compares with current solutions;
    • The potential social and economic impact in South Africa;
    • Description of the technology that you are offering and the stage of development of this technology.
  • The more information you can give here, the easier it will be for other participants to know whether there's a possible fit with your proposal. Think about what you need to find to complete your consortium. As a minimum there should be:

    1. A UK-based company, acting as lead applicant on the UK side of the project.

    2. A Malaysian SME, acting as lead applicant on the Malaysian side of the project.

    However, the consortium can additionally include:

    3. Additional UK companies

    4. Additional Malaysian companies

    5. UK universities and research organisations

    6. Malaysian universities and research organisations

    If possible, please state:

    • Whether you are looking for a parter in the UK or Malaysia
    • Whether you are looking for a company, university, research organisation, etc
    • The technology or offering you would like potential partners to bring to your collaboration.
  • Insert your Public Profile link